Interesting New Foods

Fresh Ideas for Your Diet

September 27, 2015 0

Ohio State University put up a nice article about fresh ideas for your diet. Whether you are trying ot lose weight or just want to […]

Butternut Squash

How to Cook Squash

September 26, 2015 0

I have found that one of the reasons that people don’t eat more hard squash is that they don’t kow how to cook squash. And […]

Zucchini Pickles

Zucchini Pickles

September 25, 2015 0

I am one of those rare people who could eat zucchini pretty much every day. I love the stuff. But this year, our garden overfloweth […]

Green Peach Pickles

Green Peach Pickles

September 24, 2015 0

Green peach (or other unripe fruit) pickles have never been on my to-do list. In fact, I didn’t even know about them until quite recently. […]

FoodSaver V3835 Vacuum Food Sealer

Eliminate Freezer Burn

September 23, 2015 0

Eliminate Freezer Burn Freezing food is a great way to preserve it. Buying food in bulk or taking advantage of great sales really reduces our […]



March 10, 2015 0

Sunchokes and Jerusalem artichokes are the same thing. You probably already know that. Everything I am reading about sunchokes says that “sunchokes” is a more […]

Canned Tomatoes

How to Can Tomatoes

September 5, 2014 0

How to Can Tomatoes Canning your fresh tomatoes is fun, inexpensive and produces a tasty product with no BPA (See what has to say […]

About to be Canned

Time to Can Tomatoes

September 2, 2013 0

The garden is producing like crazy so it’s time to can tomatoes. There are lots and lots of tomatoes. If you visit the Queen D […]

No Picture

Using Tough Meat

May 15, 2013 1

This is just a quick note about using tough meat. We had an eye of rib steak last night that was so tough, it was […]